notes / technology grants

Visit to NextStep Recycling

NextStep visit goals:

  1. Understand the process
    • intakes
    • setup
    • distribution (outgoing)
  2. work out details of NextStep/GSTEP relationship
    • what to take/reject?
    • how to approach large donors?
    • demands/suggestions w/handling process
    • what to send back/forth, and how? (logistics)
    • what stats to keep, and how to keep them?
    • what else to formalize relationship?
  3. discuss hardware for 1st project

Notes (based on above goals)

  1. Dick, Don, Ethan, John (T) rebuilt computers from their baseboxed status. Included troubleshooting (jumpers, cables, noisy drivers, bios settings).  Feeling much more comfortalbe with setup process. Still need more work to understand intake and distribution processes.
    • Don is contacting Lorraine for
      • his warehouse dimensions — Lorraine will see what they have for shelving and racks to fit Don’s space.
      • permission to obtain copies of NextStep’s policies and procedures/software (intellectual property) for GSTEP use
      • we may need to sign a non-disclosure agreement
    • Don and Dick will evaluate donated hardware in the Center50+ Computer Lab as potential testing stations
    • Doug said someone should shadow him for materials management/evaluation process, to see how he keeps materials moving through the system
      • Every Wed and Fri 9am – 12pm, they do a “business sort”
      • reps from store (value), tech (viaiblity/hardware ID), and warehouse (inventory)
      • confer w/each-other to evaluate ~20 pallets of materials
  2. Ethan and Lorraine discussed the NextStep/GSTEP connection, and determined:
    • GSTEP should solicit ONLY business/agency donations at first, under NextStep’s non-profit status.
      • Residential donations are messy, expensive and difficult to deal with (can include dead animals!)
      • Consider partnering with schools for in-house IT training
      • GSTEP would get labor, access to systems
      • schools would get real-world “green collar” jobs training with little or no opportunity cost
    • need Advisory Board together to solicit donations; emphasize
      • ease:  GSTEP (through NextStep) can do materials pickups,
      • ethics: only works with R2 and eStewards recyclers
      • economics: everything is recycled locally in the Pacific Northwest (not shipped overseas)
    • chain of custody is most important!  GSTEP will follow other NextStep procedures wherever possible.
    • NextStep can send up a van to take a pallet and a half of “overlflow” back to Eugene
      • Maybe GSTEP can trade for a few extra or spare parts here and there?  (e.g,. extra drives, memory, cables?)
    • Stats should be discussed by GSTEP advisory board
    • GSTEP needs to assemble its Advisory Board!
      • Lorraine will be a board member!
      • need minimum of three, maximum of five?
      • president, secretary, treasurer
      • representing donors, placement partners, development, organizational management ($$, HR, procedures), school-related
      • need descriptions of position commitment and responsibilities
      • what are the board’s first priority tasks?
  3. NextStep generously donated COMPLETE hardware for the Sunnyside Organics(SO)/OCB technology grant.  Salem LUG will install and setup accessibility-enhanced FOSS OS, provide instructions and deliver systems to the facility.  GSTEP is requesting a thank you letter from SO/OCB for GSTEP, Salem LUG, and NextStep upon delivery of the technology grant.

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