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Our first testimonial!

NOTE: Sonia received a P3 512mb laptop with PCMCIA wifi. We installed Lubuntu on it, and it provided a very responsive, stable and simple operating system for her to use. Although she had never used anything other than Windows XP before, she learned how to do everything she needed to on the computer in the course of an afternoon with minimal instruction.  Hooray, Sonia!

>>> 4/25/2012 12:33 PM >>>

To the Salem [Open Source] group and Greater Salem Technology Equity Project

This is a thank you letter addressed to Salem Open Source and GSTEP.

Getting into my vehicle, stopping at gas stations and then driving over to the computer laboratory departments any place where computers were assessable was a routinely activity for me in order to continue to seek and apply for employment anywhere I went. The stress of no opened or available computers at facilities was an inconvenience, not to mention the mental grievance.

With no job, no money and no really place to call my own, I had no option but to go from place to place to get access to a computer. My diligence and long hours at the computer sometimes left me with no other choice but to go without any lunch or even dinner until I got home.

When I was informed about a possible personal computer or laptop by Ethan Young at the Center 50+ computer laboratory department, I was speechless and speechless with amazement when I finally received my laptop at a very reasonable prize at that. It was as if I was being handed over my newborn right after birth. So, I named my new laptop, “baby.”

I much appreciate Salem Open Source and GSTEP for making this possible for me. Now, I use my laptop at home or anywhere I well choose. Now, I am able to avoid the traffic, gas cost, and long waiting lines only to use a computer. My life is a lot easier now and a lot stress free. I’m still seeking employment, but with more ease. It feels great to sit at a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee while I surf the Internet.

Thank you for the support of the free software that is on my laptop that has been installed and that makes my laptop usable and to the distribution of technology resources for those most in need like me. I really, really appreciate and thank you for your care and support and for being mindful of those most in need. Thank you for making my life a lot easier. God Bless.

Sonia Davila


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