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Story of Stuff — electronics and eWaste

Annie Leonard from the Story of Stuff project shows what happens to make and dispose of electronics in our society and the importance of insuring that the equipment we use stays in use as long as possible, which is the goal of GSTEP.

It seems like we talk a lot about “waste.” For example, we often consider discarded or obsolete electronics “eWaste” but nothing is further from the truth.  “Waste” is meant to be discarded, and recycling is largely another way to discard things that we should no longer want, even if they still work well — the phenomenon of planned obsolescence.

Regardless, there is a lot of value in those discarded resources, both when they are functioning as tools and in terms of the raw materials (the plastics and metals) that go into their manufacture.  These are local resources, and they should stay local.  GSTEP keeps local resources local, and helps individuals, families and organizations in need in the process.

Further reading

OS News has a great series of articles on this topic.

  1. Scandal: Most ‘Recycled’ Computers are Not Recycled
  2. Smart Reuse with Open Source: Linux Goes Green
  3. How to Revitalize Mature Computers

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