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We spent a day of our vacation down in sunny, warm maritime Southern California out in East LA helping helping another ally transition to free (libre) open-source software.  The training included several staff and community members and lasted from about 2pm until about 7:30pm at night.

Topics covered included:

  • What is free, open-source software (FOSS)?  Why does it exist?
  • How does FOSS fit with the organizational mission?
  • Why, when, where and how to use it?
    • Windows computers
    • GNU/Linux desktops: desktops vs laptops
  • What is GNU/Linux?  How do you install it? (we installed Lubuntu on their training computers)
  • How do you decide on an appropriate distribution for your computer?
  • What software is available for both?

I apparently had a fever during the training, and I collapsed afterwards in exhaustion.  But the training itself was incredibly uplifting.  Staff and community members were engaged the entire time, had wonderful attitudes, open minds, asked great questions, made great jokes and learned the basic concepts incredibly fast.  I all-but-forgot that I was sick and fighting what turned out to be a mono infection.  That’s the power of community!

At the end, I got a nice email from Larry, the CEO of Community Union:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to talk with our guys and provide us valuable information on how to make Linux work.  I hope you enjoyed the dialogue and look forward to your continued support.

No doubt, in the community spirit of FOSS and Ubuntu, we will stay in touch and support the development of our mutual efforts!  They are doing some great things down there, and there is no doubt in my mind that free software will give them the boost they need to make their Technology Redeployment Program soar.  Check out some pics…


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