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Testimonial: blind-accessible laptop

This is a thank you from a recent project to deliver a blind-accessible laptop to a former mountaineer who has very limited eyesight and no internet access.  Now he can go to cafes with his new laptop and access email and other web-based resources (and entertainment).
November 24, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ethan in his computer lab during a tour of the senior center.
I told Ethan that I had a laptop computer that I would like to gift to my vision impaired friend who is surviving on social security. The laptop had some operating issues. Ethan offered his expertise to get the laptop up and running for me and my friend. A week later Ethan called me to tell me he had installed operating programs that would benefit my friend’s vision challenges. Ethan was kind enough to give my friend a tutorial on the laptop at the senior center.
My friend and I are so grateful for Ethan’s expertise. Ethan made it possible for my friend to fulfill his dream of owning a computer he would not have otherwise been able to afford. My friend plans to attend computer classes in his hometown’s senior center in Eugene.
Thank you so much Ethan
Janet Roasio

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