Board of Directors / notes

04-10-13 Board Notes

Greater Salem Technology Equity Project


Ike Box

April 10, 2013

5:30 – 7:00

Attendees: Kevin Bothwell, David Duncan, Ethan Young and Kelley Kirsch


Strategic Plan

Board members were asked to review the Strategic Plan. Proposed changes were made as Ethan Documented the changes.


The Process section will represent a rough idea of how GSTEP will operate.


The Belief section is the foundation of our fundamental aspect. Proposed changes were made while Ethan made notes of the amendments.


Action Item

Board members are requested to review the Process Section of the Strategic Plan and at the next meeting members will report out on their amendments.


Discovery Advisory Board

(Topic was tabled to the April 17th meeting)

Please some prepared to discuss 3.1 Agenda item (Lorraine’s suggested resource) next week.


Garten Store

David visited the Garten Store. He reports that the store is open from 11:00 – 3:00 on Fridays. The store marketed laptops at $140.00, Towers, optical mice and keyboards. The store’s layout appeared casual. There were special needs workers that wandered in and out. The computers seemed to be repurposed with a fresh copy of Windows (2007?). It seems if the store has an abundance of a product they utilize the EBAY site for marketing.


Ethan asked if David knew if they had any plans for training the electronically challenged? Did it appear that there was any evidence of a computer lab setup? It did not seem that there was any evidence to support any of Ethan’s inquiries.


Ethan also wondered if we should be looking into Garten’s intentions of expansion, etc….?

GSTEP Minutes 4/10/13

Page 2



Garten Store (cont.)

David stated it did not seem that they were heading in that direction at this time.


Draft Letter on QRFs

Members were asked if we should move forward with the letter? It was recommended that we set up meetings with Executive Director, John Barnum at NextSteps as he has experience with QRFs.


Some ideas entertained were to create a presentation with some legal council to take away the fear that has been instilled by Garten. A suggestion might be to work with NextSteps and FreeGeek in promoting the presentation and get their input on the idea.


Action Item

David will extract main topic items from the draft letter to use as a discussion with FreeGeek and NextSteps


Next Steps….

  • Introductions between GSTEP and John Barnum
  • Reintoduction to FreeGeek
  • Schedule field trips to book tours of FreeGeek and NextSteps
  • Discuss the disability strategies with FreeGeek and NextSteps
  • Learn the history of how the companies started up
  • Some thoughts for discussion:
  • Did they get started before Garten?
  • How did they solicit for recycleables?
  • Current operations
  • Work flow
  • How did they grow
  • Allies early on – how did they establish them
  • Discuss the QRF Letter (from David’s Extracted format)
  • Discuss issues FreeGeek and NextSteps has experienced with Garten, if any
  • Building donation partnerships


Action Item

Ethan to check out tour dates and times in May.


Next Meeting: April 17th, 5:30, at Ike Box Red Room


Agenda items to be addressed: Strategic Plan, Advisory Board, and ByLaws


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