Board of Directors / notes

05-01-13 Board Notes

Greater Salem Technology Equity Project


Ike Box

May 1, 2013

5:30 – 7:00

Attendees: Kevin Bothwell, Ethan Young and Kelley Kirsch

David Duncan, recently submitted resignation due to work and family.


Tabled Topic

Question was asked if GSTEP currently needs an Advisory Board.


After much discussion, the board members thought to establish an Advisory Board was a good idea. It was noted that the board’s focus could change depending on where in the board was in the process of establishing GSTEP.


Meeting Minutes

Board members voted on reviewing meeting minutes as an agenda topic. Board would review minutes and determine if changes were necessary and agree on if meeting minutes were accepted.


Information Sharing

Ethan shared information about the Morningside Methodist project noting that it was complete. some wrap up tasks include minor trainings and delivery and set up of a color printer. Ethan has photos of the project that can be shared.


An email from Sam Skillern of Leadership Foundation stated they were seeking computers and upgrading them for a Women’s Shelter known as Grace House.

There is also a Community Computer lab in Woodburn that needs assistance. It is unknown what the assistance is that would be needed.


There is some flexibility of donations of working systems to donate to other nonprofit agencies.


Chemeketa Community College

Kelley attended a luncheon with coworkers, one ladies’ husband works at Chemeketa in the Media Section of Chemeketa. She was stating how he was to capture the media on a topic of decline of students and conversations around that topic. At the end of the session, he raised his hand to ask the question about what is Chemeketa doing to reach out to the students that are not able to afford technology to attend class. What about those folks that are at a disadvantage? She said there was a silence, but that a couple professors stated to her husband, that that is exactly the direction they were looking for.


GSTEP Meeting Minutes 5/1/13

Page 2



1. Create a business plan for GSTEP as a foundation for a sale feature its intent and business process. Include org charts, etc.


Action: Board members were asked to brainstorm and bring back ideas on the structure of the business plan.


2. Focus on the corporation of GSTEP

3. Word of mouth outreach.

4. Formal outreach.


Master Recyclers

Ethan brought the item of checking in with them as a network. Inquire about training and effective methods of handling recycling goods. Potential advisory board members may be in the group.


Strategic Plan

Board members reviewed the strategic plan. In the first paragraph remove the word “obsolete”. In the donation section also remove the word “obsolete”. Volunteers section include training package to include a computer as part of the training package. Finite hours of training that this speaks of. Keep repair, etc. vague, but remove the word “simple” and replace with “requiring” repair. Redistributes goods through store front kept. No changes in grants or placement partners.


With those changes, the strategic plan was accepted and approved, and updated on the website:


NextStep Tour

May 11th, NextStep will be toured by the board members. Board members to meet at Ethan’s house to be picked up at 9:30a.m.



There have been comments received to say the name of the agency is too much. Suggestions to shorten the name were made:  “Tech-Equity Project” (TEP)



  • Board member to think of possibilities and bring them back to the next meeting.
  • Review ByLaws


Next meeting: May 29th at 5:30, Ike Box


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