Board of Directors / notes

GSTEP Board of Director Meeting Minutes May 29,2013

Greater Salem Technology Equity Project


Ike Box

May 29, 2013

5:30 – 7:30

Attendees:  Kevin Bothwell, Ethan Young and Kelley Kirsch

Meeting Minutes

Board members voted on reviewing meeting minutes as an agenda topic.  Board would review minutes and determine if changes were necessary and agree on if meeting minutes were accepted.

Name Transition

The name transition from GSTEP to TEP would consist of a couple things.  Ethan asked for help if we were to go forward with the transition.

  • Google docs would need to be addressed, it is where everything is stored
  • We are using a couple Google application that are currently free, but they are not offered as free any longer
  • Not sure if we can include the new domain into the existing applications account.
  • The logo, what if we change, what should the logo be?  We need to change graphics on the website, etc….
  • …should we add it as a second domain?

Next Steps Field Trip

The entry point of focus would be on education.  Education and teaching people on how to work with and/or on computers.  Ethan has a curriculum to work from for a computer literacy class.

What are the first things to do for phases?  What things are included in each phase?  Will the phases change as time moves forward?

We need a framework to draw the roadmap.

Offer classes at a computer lab, but develop a way to engage people and train them.

Action:  Kevin volunteered to make contact with Comcast for Internet Essentials.

Questions of how long will it be around and is the desktop a resource to us?

Setting up recycling at i.e., a church for us to come by or arrange for pickup.

Business Plan Phases

Phase 1:  Unincorporated

  • Work on incorporation
    • Revisit strategic plan to refocus on education
    • Approve bylaws
    • Elect officers
    • Develop business plan
    • Submit documents
  • Develop education curriculum
  • Explore education relationships
    • Morningside as partner education site
    • Comcast Internet Essentials
    • NextStep Recycling
  • Utilize computer labs as community education sites
  • Build and maintain community computer labs as resources are available
  • Develop Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2:  Incorporation

  • Continue building and maintaining computer labs
    • Goal: Have 5 community computer labs
  • Become a comcast internet essentials partner
    • Have 1 or 2 instructors
  • Build relationships
    • Master Recyclers
    • FreeGeek — help w/recycling?
  • Explore and diversify funding streams

Phase 3:  Expansion

  • Develop school relationship

Next meeting agenda:

  1. Project updates
  2. Revise strategic plan w/education focus
  3. Review bylaws and approve
  4. Elect officers?

Next meeting: June 5th at 5:30, Ike Box



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