Our Partners

    1. Donation Partners are small to large-sized businesses, organizations or agencies seeking to dispose of obsolete electronics equipment.  GSTEP helps our donation partners turn their eWaste into community assets while providing training to develop the local human resource base for operating and maintaining equipment.
    2. Placement Partners help GSTEP grant computers or other needed electronics to children and adults living in foster care, persons experiencing disabilities, family members leaving domestically violent relationships, migrant worker families, and others who experience barriers to participation in the world’s economic, political and social life.  GSTEP provides hardware and software to meet clients’ information technology needs to improve their quality of life.
    3. Training Partners help provide basic education to recipients of our Technology Grants so they may use their new equipment in a safe, effective and responsible manner.   GSTEP provides training and support to meet clients’ computer literacy goals to enhance their access to computing and internet resources.

See our other Partner-related posts.

Please contact us to become a GSTEP Partner!

Donation Partners

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Placement Partners

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Training Partners

check back soon!


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