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Ubuntu accessibility: magnification and large text

The advantage of a 3d desktop If you are lucky enough to have a recent computer with a graphics card that works with Unity 3D, you can simply install compizconfig-settings-manager sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager And then enable screen zoom and screen magnification from within those.  They are wonderful tools. Also, you might be wondering why … Continue reading

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Computers for people who don’t see (well)

Someone recently approached me at work with some computer questions.  I happened to mention the Greater Salem Technology Equity Project (GSTEP) and our recent project to supply training computers for Oregon Commission for the Blind and Sunnyside Organics, and she immediately had an idea: An old laptop a friend bought for her was sitting unused … Continue reading

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Helping another ally!

GSTEP is helping Community Union’s One Million NIU (OMNIU) initiative in Los Angeles transition to using free, open-source software (FOSS) for its Technology Redeployment Program (TRP). FOSS can support OMNIU’s goals in many ways, including the ability to easily customize the language settings of individual user profiles on a system for people who speak English as a Second … Continue reading

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Our operating system of choice

We use and prefer Lubuntu, a light-weight version of Ubuntu Linux.  Why? OS News sums it up for us: As per previous articles in this series at OS News, my interest in lightweight operating systems stems from my activity in refurbishing computers for charity. The best software for this purpose is: Resource light —  charitable donations are between five … Continue reading

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Learning our client’s needs

[NOTE:  Edited and updated from original Feb 28 publishing date] Our technology grant to Sunnyside Organics and Oregon Commission for the Blind has been a great learning opportunity and quite a process for us.  It requires us to think differently in order to address the needs of the people we are intending to serve. Previously, we tried to use Linux … Continue reading